1) Terminology

Ever wonder where the term plumbing comes from? It comes from the Latin word “plumbum,” and plumbers were called “plumbarius.” The profession of Plumbing came up in the 19th century along with the introduction of the sewage system even though the use of water pipes dates back into history during the Roman rule. Even though modern plumbing systems are quite different from what it was all those years back, it evolved along with time and technology to be recognized as what we now call piping and water treatment. 


2) Fame in Plumbing?

Plumbing might seem like an average job with no excitement or adventure associated with it. However, a couple of famous people you know were quite interested in the prospect. The plumbers and steamfitters union has declared Albert Einstein as an honorary member. It is was not done because the union was impressed by his relativity equation, but because of Albert Einstein’s interest in the field itself. He has expressed his wish of becoming a plumber himself had he got the chance to live his life all over again. Another famous figure who was involved in the field of Plumbing was the music star, Ozzy Osbourne. He worked for a while as a plumber’s assistant before his music career started. So, aspiring musicians and future scientists don’t be too quick to judge this profession. Also, let’s not forget Mario and Luigi.

3) The Toilet Break

We all take quite a few toilet breaks throughout the day. If a cumulative count were kept on the number of hours one spends on the toilet in his or her lifetime, it would probably average around three years. So next time you invest in your bathroom, don’t worry about splurging because well, that’s three years of your life right there. Other than this, another curious thing about toilet breaks is the fact that there is a particular duration that was identified, where everyone takes a toilet break. Sounds surprising, right? How do so many people sync their toilet breaks? Well, it’s no wonder that it is during the half time of the super bowl. Oops, sorry for missing out on your performance, Justin Timberlake.

4) Faucets.

The very first idea of faucets was implemented in the year 1939 by Al Moen, who understood the plight of the people for the need of a single hand faucet that can control hot and cold water. This invention might not seem noteworthy, but imagine life without it. Pretty hard, huh? Even though we feel blessed to have this invention, we must always keep it leak free. An average of 3000 gallons of water is wasted because of this very problem. So, with the immediate threat of climate change and shortage of water, do your part and take care of all the leaks.